About us

Everything you need to know about our Company

Why choose Us.

Because in our work we put Passion, Art, Technique, and Aviation Knowledge. This makes the difference, this is our strength, togeher with profesionalism, reliability, and more than twenty years experience in aviation photography.

Our Mission.

Client satisfaction is our primary goal. Our mission is to provide the highest quality and highest standards products through our proven capabilities and top class professional photography gear.

What We Do.

Ground to ground, ground to air, air to ground and air to air photography. Cockpit posters for classrooms. Promotional, instructional and flight safety videos. Air to ground videos with remote controlled drones. Aircraft paintscheme design, webdesign, and more.

CEO & Founder

Stefano Caporelli

Born on the 28th January 1970 in Ancona, Italy, from German mother and Italian father, speaks fluently Italian, English and German, is a professional pilot, remote controlled aerobatic aircraft and drones pilot, photographer, aviaton journalist, aircraft paintschemes designer, webdesigner/webmaster, and a talented musician.

The high quality of the pictures he shoots comes from his great passion for aviation, combined with his artistic sense, high standard techniques, and deep aviation knowledge.

Stefano holds an EASA Airline Transport Pilot Licence (also known as ATPL) and has become Captain on business aviation airplanes in 2008. As pilot and aviation photographer he has flown almost everything from paragliders to supersonic fighters. His total flight time as pilot is 5280hrs.

Aviation is his passion since the age of three, photography since the age of nine. Putting together the two passions was a natural step in his life. He started working as freelance aviation photographer and journalist in 1997, for the italian magazines JP4 and Panorama Difesa. In 1998 he started to work for the main aviation magazine in Italy, Volare. His works and articles have been published also in foreign countries. Stefano shot pictures for Citizen Watches Italia advertising campaign in 2013 and 2014. In 2015 he designed glider aerobatics world champion Luca Bertossio's website. In 2016 he joined "the Italian Job" racing team as official team photographer and webdesigner/webmaster.

Our Clients

  • Air Power International
  • Bertossio
  • Bigatmo
  • Canon
  • Citizen
  • Cnn
  • Extra
  • Il Fotografo
  • Image Mag
  • JP4
  • Klassiker der Luftfahrt
  • Ocean Airlines
  • Panorama Difesa
  • Photo Professional
  • Pilatus
  • RedBull
  • theItalianJob
  • Volare